150 years of cheese history

Käserei Studer

Swiss tradition or the courage to try something new? In Hatswil at Lake Constance, people don’t bother with such questions. There is simply too much to discover and try out. A passion for unique recipes runs strong, driven by the desire to impress cheese lovers the world over time and again.

Here, the only place for resting is the aging cellar. If you ask a Studer cheese master to point out their favorite cheese with an aperitif, they will say: It’s the one that I haven’t invented yet.

Our home country

This is where ideas mature

Hatswil, in the beautiful Swiss Canton of Thurgau. An idyllic scene. And a place where Swiss cheese history is written. Bold, inspiring ideas mature in the cellars of the Käserei Studer AG.

Immortalized in golden cheese wheels, "Der scharfe Maxx" and his friends are pioneers of a new, very special culture of enjoyment. They don’t care how a Swiss cheese is supposed to be. Why does it always have to be Gruyère, even though it is delicious? It’s about taste in its full diversity.

The time is right

The will for more

At the end of the ’80s, classic Emmentaler cheese was still characteristic of Käserei Studer AG. You were bound by the regulations of the Swiss cheese market. But CEO Daniel Studer had bigger ideas. Even at this early stage, the ambition to blaze new trails in the craft of cheesemaking had already taken root within him. The desire and the ability were there.

Studer and his team quietly experimented with new recipes.

The excitement of a new beginning

A big step

The first big changes came at the beginning of the ’90s. After a long wait, Käserei Studer was able to switch to Appenzeller cheese. A hearty bite into the time-honored Emmentaler, and they got to work. Three months later, the transition had been completed in record time. The tangy aroma of Appenzeller cheese now wafted through the rooms of Käserei Studer – accompanied by the winds of change.

Anything is possible

The liberation

At the end of the ’90s, the big moment finally came. The liberation of the Swiss cheese market. From then on, new creations could also be sold at deli counters. Beyond Gruyère and Emmentaler. Daniel Studer and his cheese masters didn’t have to be asked twice. The idea was to make Käserei Studer AG the first specialty cheese maker in Switzerland. There is no such thing as “no,” there is no barrier that can’t be overcome. Only the steadfast desire to seize the opportunity.

A new star

Der scharfe Maxx

In 2003, Daniel Studer and his team finally delivered their masterpiece. "Der scharfe Maxx". A creamy semi-hard cheese, so mercurial and yet so charming, like no one in Switzerland had ever dared make it before. A cheese specialty so special that it even needed its own name. "Der scharfe Maxx" is sure to become an instant star at the deli counter – in Switzerland, and the rest of the world.

There’s still more to come

The cheese of tomorrow

"Der scharfe Maxx". Wällechäs. Füürtüfel. Die zarte Klara (the tender Klara). What else? Plenty of refined delicacies. Of that, we can be sure. As unique as the specialties from Käserei Studer are, in Hatswil everyone knows: The last secrets of the cheese-making craft have yet to be revealed. There is still plenty to discover. Plenty to try out. The "Der scharfe Maxx" family will continue to grow. There is much yet to come.

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DER SCHARFE MAXX - Cheese wheel

Der scharfe Maxx

A bold cheese from Switzerland – five months of maturing in the cheese-aging cellar give "Der scharfe Maxx" his unique, extra-tangy taste.

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Maxx 365

Exceptionally mature, but not at all boring – "Maxx 365" is left to mature for up to one year in order to allow his very special character and unique personality to unfold.

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DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Ciao Maxx (Strawberry Maxx Bruschetta)

Ciao Maxx

Exquisite cheese and balsamic vinegar for the soul. The Italian appetizer classic with strawberry is sure to impress at any time of day or night. Pure dolce vita.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Señor Maxx (Quesadillas with Pineapple Strawberry Salsa)

Señor Maxx

Tangy flatbreads meet "Der scharfe Maxx": Here, the unmistakable taste of Mexico gets its own twist. ¡Muy bien!

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Arigato Maxx (Sushi with Maxx)

Arigato Maxx

Mount Fuji meets the Matterhorn: sushi with "Der scharfe Maxx". What’s the most delicious way to bring two cultures together? Fusion cooking the Swiss way.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Aloha Maxx (Cheese Cubes with Mango Tomato Salsa)

Aloha Maxx

Like a hot Caribbean night with Swiss undertones: mango tomato salsa with cubes of "Der scharfe Maxx". Makes the heart sing.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Maxx and Hopp (Cheese Soup Shot)

Maxx and Hopp

Shoots straight through your taste buds. The cheese soup shot featuring "Der scharfe Maxx". A popular addition to any party or as an amuse-gueule before the main meal.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Maxx Deluxe (Cheese Candies)

Maxx Deluxe

Fancy a candy with your coffee? This one goes even better with a good glass of wine or a cocktail. The cheese candy featuring "Der scharfe Maxx" is an especially refined delicacy.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Maxx’n’Roll (Cheese Wrap)


You’ll have everyone wrapped around your finger with this one. "Der scharfe Maxx" wrapped in a fresh vegetable tortilla. Serve your guests these exquisite cheese wraps.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Big Maxx (Jamaica Burger)

Big Maxx

The Jamaica burger with "Der scharfe Maxx". Tastes best when eaten while basking in the sun to a rich reggae beat.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Maxx-to-Go (Minced-Meat-and-Cheese Lollipops)


Want to munch on some cheese from the fridge? That’s for beginners. Snack pros chow down on minced-meat-and-cheese lollipops containing "Der scharfe Maxx"!

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