Maxx 365

Markedly mature, but not boring in the least

"Maxx 365" is the big brother of "Der scharfe Maxx". Even more powerful and mercurial, with fine crystals. While "Der scharfe Maxx" is ready for his debut after five months, "Maxx 365" gets even more time – up to 365 days. This cheese has very special character and personality, and he will keep you and your guests perfectly entertained. He is so intense and multifaceted that you will always be discovering something new about him. Your senses have never celebrated so riotously before.


"Maxx 365" at the deli counter. Swiss hard cheese made with raw milk and cut straight from the wheel.


"Maxx 365" portion. Semi-soft cheese made with raw milk. Already pre-packed in portions for an easy shopping.

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Detailed information

Ingredients: Milk (cow’s milk)
Cooking salt
Lactic acid bacterial cultures

Extra tangy with mature crystals

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy kJ/kcal: 2020/491
Fat (g): 43,0
Amount of fat comprised of saturated fat (g): 26,0
Carbohydrates (g): <0,1
Amount of carbohydrates comprised of sugar (g): 0
Protein (g): 25,0
Salt (g): 1,5

Allergy information

Naturally gluten free

Lactose free
Nutritional information

Suitable for vegetarians
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Other products

Der scharfe Maxx

Stage ready – "Der scharfe Maxx" will make a convivial round a true highlight, as an extra-tangy delicacy with an aperitif, a bold ingredient in a main dish, or with sweet accompaniment to form a dessert. He earns his name from the very special aging process: the wheel sits in the aging cellar for five months, where it develops its character. Only when "Der scharfe Maxx" has achieved the perfect degree of maturity can he join you at the table. Where he will make his grand appearance.

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tasty recipes

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Maxx Deluxe (Cheese Candies)

Maxx Deluxe

Fancy a candy with your coffee? This one goes even better with a good glass of wine or a cocktail. The cheese candy featuring "Der scharfe Maxx" is an especially refined delicacy.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Big Maxx (Jamaica Burger)

Big Maxx

The Jamaica burger with "Der scharfe Maxx". Tastes best when eaten while basking in the sun to a rich reggae beat.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Señor Maxx (Quesadillas with Pineapple Strawberry Salsa)

Señor Maxx

Tangy flatbreads meet "Der scharfe Maxx": Here, the unmistakable taste of Mexico gets its own twist. ¡Muy bien!

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Maxx and Hopp (Cheese Soup Shot)

Maxx and Hopp

Shoots straight through your taste buds. The cheese soup shot featuring "Der scharfe Maxx". A popular addition to any party or as an amuse-gueule before the main meal.

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exciting pairings

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Lemon Curd Maxx

Lemon Curd Maxx

The double smooth and melty taste duo: "Maxx extra" with fine lemon curd.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Licorice Maxx

Licorice Maxx

Popular from the time of the old Vikings: "Maxx extra" with licorice. The spicy Nordic combo.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Wasabi Cranberry Maxx

Wasabi Cranberry Maxx

The tangiest trail mix in the world: "Maxx extra" with wasabi nuts and dried cranberries.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Nacho Pineapple Maxx

Nacho Pineapple Maxx

Tex-Mex from the Swiss Caribbean: "Maxx extra" with nachos and fresh pineapples. Heat the cheese slightly.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Almond Maxx

Almond Maxx

A tangy-sweet roller coaster ride: "Maxx extra" with caramelized almonds. The carnival attraction of Lake Constance.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Mojito Maxx

Mojito Maxx

The tangiest cocktail party of all time: "Maxx extra" with an exquisite mojito. Tangy on the rocks!

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Mango Pepper Maxx

Mango Pepper Maxx

Things are getting spicy: with "Der scharfe Maxx" with fresh mango and a bit of black pepper. An exotic adventure!

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Meringue Maxx

Meringue Maxx

The marriage of spicy and sweet: "Der scharfe Maxx" with fresh meringue. All in white.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Litchi Roasted Onion Maxx

Litchi Roasted Onion Maxx

A mix of saucy and fresh: "Der scharfe Maxx" with 1/2 litchi and spicy roasted onions. A hotdog for the advanced.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Warm dark chocolate with fresh mandarin oranges

Warm dark chocolate with fresh mandarin oranges

Sweet dipping station: Enjoy "Der scharfe Maxx" cubed and dipped in melted dark chocolate and eaten with fresh mandarin oranges.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar Maxx

Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar Maxx

Cheese carpaccio in the Lake Constance style: "Der scharfe Maxx" cut in thin slices and topped with balsamic vinegar and fresh strawberries.

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Popcorn Maxx

Popcorn Maxx

The perfect companion for an evening in your home theater: "Der scharfe Maxx" with popcorn. An exciting mix!

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Pairing - Cranberry Juice Maxx

Cranberry Juice Maxx

Why restrict yourself to red wine with cheese? "Der scharfe Maxx" also tastes delectable with a glass of cranberry juice. Vintage: Doesn’t matter.

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About us

From a company of repute

Käserei Studer is located on Lake Constance, a place of tradition and inspiration. Here, master cheese makers have been pushing the boundaries of their craft since time immemorial. Experience going back 150 years has brought unique specialties to life in the realm of the Swiss Alps. First and foremost, "Der scharfe Maxx".

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