DER SCHARFE MAXX - Cheese wheel

Der scharfe Maxx

A bold cheese from Switzerland – five months of maturing in the cheese-aging cellar give "Der scharfe Maxx" his unique, extra-tangy taste.

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Maxx 365

Exceptionally mature, but not at all boring – "Maxx 365" is left to mature for up to one year in order to allow his very special character and unique personality to unfold.

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Charming, spirited, multifaceted – these are just a few words that describe "Der scharfe Maxx" from Switzerland. He’s tangy and smooth like no other cheese, rebellious and yet amazingly harmonious. Even more hearty and with more of a temperament: His big brother, "Maxx 365", is tangy to the maxx.

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Recipes and pairings


Make a convivial round a true highlight – by adding "Der scharfe Maxx". Or just let "Maxx 365" show you what it means to be tangy to the maxx. Direct and pure. Or with one of our surprising combinations or unique recipe ideas.

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Kitchen warrior

Recipe of the season

DER SCHARFE MAXX - Recipe - Maxx and Hopp (Cheese Soup Shot)

Maxx and Hopp

Shoots straight through your taste buds. The cheese soup shot featuring "Der scharfe Maxx". A popular addition to any party or as an amuse-gueule before the main meal.

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About us

From a company of repute

Käserei Studer is located on Lake Constance, a place of tradition and inspiration. Here, master cheese makers have been pushing the boundaries of their craft since time immemorial. Experience going back 150 years has brought unique specialties to life in the realm of the Swiss Alps. First and foremost, "Der scharfe Maxx".

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